Security Analysis & Risk Management

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]SARM solution gives you the capability control over your infrastructure hosted on Cloud or On-premise by providing you the insight of your network and application.


  • Gain Insight of network’s performance and health
  • Diagnose network connection issue
  • Security and Compliance
  • Prevent, detect and respond to threats
  • Identity access management



Trends associated with cloud security

  • Increasing Partnerships between CSPs and Security Solution Providers
  • Increasing Emergence of Cloud Service-specific Security Solution Providers
  • Identity Management and Encryption to Remain the Top Cloud Security Solutions Offered
  • Increasing Availability of Cloud Security Solutions for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs)
  • Emergence of Strong Cloud Security Standard and Guidelines


What is SARM?

  • Security and Analysis solutions from “” safeguard your network and applications by leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure. Our hosted solution combines Microsoft Security solutions and other measures to give you the best-in-class SARM service.
  • Our solution gives you the capability control over your infrastructure hosted on Azure or On-premise by providing you the insight of you network and application.
  • Some Key advantages of using this product: –
  • Gain Insight of your network performance and health
  • Diagnose network connection issue
  • Set up alert for critical venerability
  • Security and Compliance
  • Insight and Analytics

Use Cases

Integrated Security Solution

  • CloudGarage ensures that SARM gives you control over the security of your cloud assets.
  • We define Role Based Policies for your Azure subscriptions and resources
  • Deploy integrated security solutions from Microsoft and its partners, and get a centralized view of the security state of all your Azure resources.


  • CloudGarage ensures that SARM components are entirely hosted on Azure. We also ensure the integration of SARM security measures and its management solution helps you to manage and protect your on-premises and cloud infrastructure.
  • Minimal cost and complexity of deployment.
  • If we have an existing installation of the system centre, then team at CloudGarage will integrate these components with SARM services to provide HYBRID SOLUTIONS for both on-premises and cloud environment leveraging the relative specialities of each product.

Identity and Access

  • Identity management has emerged as an increasingly complex issue for developers, and remains a priority, even as business networks change. Identity management is as much about preventing unauthorized third-party access to data as it is about controlling the authorized use of data.
  • Identity management helps systems control the amount and type of data that users can access, and it helps ensure that users are performing necessary functions at the lowest-possible privilege levels.
  • Identity management is also critical for maintaining separation of roles and duties, which may be required by specific regulatory and compliance standards.
  • The most relevant identity technology and service that work with Windows Azure to protect applications and resources is our solution, that we create by integrating different Security tools and measures.

Some common Security Threats

Business Benefits

  • SARM ensures that in case of any human error or natural disaster business continuity is maintained with appx. zero RTO & RPO.
  • SARM ensures security from threats for your infrastructure.
  • It also provides with assessment, so that your environment is safe and updated.
  • It ensures identity access management, which restricts malicious users.
  • CloudGarage shall aid over architecting your environment on cloud.


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