Cloud Monitoring Solution

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Log Analytics Log Analytics monitors your cloud and on-premises environments and help you to maintain their availability and performance
AD Assessment AD Assessment provides a prioritized list of recommendations specific to your deployed server infrastructure.
SQL Assessment SQL Assessment provides prioritized list of recommendations specific to your deployed server infrastructure.
Update Management Manage OS security updates for your infrastructure on Cloud and On-premises
Alerts & Notifications Allows you to configure conditions over data and always be notified when the conditions matches the latest monitoring data.
Network Assessment Monitor Network and connectivity between two network, nodes and subnetworks
Real-Time Monitoring Achieve real-time monitoring on all the resources available on On-Premises or on Cloud


Benefits of Monitoring as a service

  • Minimal cost and complexity of deployment- you can be up and running in a short time without the complexity and investment in on-premises components.
  • Take advantage of the latest features- Features are continuously being added and updated. You constantly have access to the latest features without any requirement to deploy updates.
  • Integrated services- While each of the services provide significant value on their own, they can work together to solve complex management scenarios.
  • Global knowledge- Management solutions continuously have access to the latest information. The Security and Audit solution for example, can perform a threat analysis using the latest threats being detected around the world.
  • Access from anywhere- Access your management environment from anywhere.

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