Cloud ROI/TCO Analysis


Cloud ROI/TCO Analysis

Many organizations see the ability to avoid the cost and liabilities of acquiring a data center as the primary benefit cloud migration. Yet, the best suited infra decision can be daunting for the organizations, who need an economical and high performing solution.

Our cloud experts understand, in today’s economy, it is not just the cost of setup but the cost of operation/maintenance and enhancement is also crucial for you. In our ROI/TCO Assessment, we exhibit the associated direct and indirect costs over a 5 to 10-year period. This allows you to predict capital and operational expenditure and monetize business processes.


Your pathway to Enterprise Cloud Migration

Actual cost v/s expected cost

Determine hidden costs like overhead, implementation costs, transportation fees, delivery time, monetize system downtime. Also determine operational costs, maintenance and enhancement costs over a period of time.

Alternatives’ evaluation

When two solutions provide almost equivalent benefits over the solution life cycle, but have different types of costs associated with setup, maintenance and operation, a TCO comparison gives you a framework to better evaluate competing solutions to a problem. For instance, evaluation of cloud type (public/private/hybrid) for cloud migration.

Innovate Business Models

Determine the effectiveness of alternatives on sales revenues, information accessibility, competence and product quality. Using this information efficiently can help you streamline your business model accordingly.

TCO Assessment Process

The TCO analysis at Mactores measures the economics of your cloud assets over their service life cycle. Many decision makers fail to look beyond the up-front investment. Before you decide on a new IT platform aligned with the business strategy of your organization, be sure to assess all direct and indirect costs involved over the entire lifecycle.

Our TCO program supports you in identifying potential savings – including shifts from capex to opex – that help you free up budget for innovation in line with business objectives.

Understanding your business

We converse with your organization’s key decision makers and understand your business to provide you with best IT infrastructure solutions.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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