Effective Use Of

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a digital tool that brings conversations, meetings, files, and apps together in one place. Because "Teams" is built on Microsoft 365, schools and institutions benefit from integration with their standard Office applications and services. Provides security and compliance for business and extension classes that are customized and customized to fit the needs of each school and institution currently wants for their Online Schooling.

With Microsoft teams, your school or institution can create collaborative classes, connect with professional learning communities, connect with school staff, Leave feedback for students, grade and track students progress in the Grades tab, OneNote Class and Staff Notebooks, create learning activities for students with integrated Office applications, coordinate research across institutions or easily organize student health efforts such as clubs or extracurricular activities - all in one Microsoft 365 experience.

Motivating teamwork in your team is key to success. Build your staffs and students capabilities with Microsoft teams online classroom.

Check out the webinar and learn how you can use Microsoft teams to inspire a sense of collaboration within your staffs and students, and empower your students to learn from anywhere, anytime. Learn how it can improve real-time teamwork while providing you with enterprise-grade security.